Metro Morning & Baby Robbie

CBC’s Metro Morning hosted Rob Ford earlier today. Host Matt Galloway received a lot of praise on social media, and rightly so, for asking Ford tougher questions and challenging his answers. If you heard it you don’t need me to tell you Matt was excellent. If you didn’t hear it you can listen to it here along with interviews of the other candidates from earlier this week.

I’ll just say this. Listening, it struck me that trying to debate Ford either as a candidate or journalist, is like trying to debate a small child.

“Why did you take a cookie without asking?”

“I didn’t”

“There’s chocolate on your shirt and I saw you do it.”

“No you didn’t”

Sound familiar Toronto?

When someone refuses to acknowledge any truth but that of their own invention, reasonable debate or discussion becomes impossible. Matt made probably the most valiant effort so far, but all it proved was the impossibility of Ford ever accepting any of the realities the rest of us do. You’d learn more asking him what colour the sky is in his world.

Regardless of who you support in this race let’s remember that Robbie needs a time out, and make sure come October he gets one.