O’Leary Can’t Lead The Conservatives, And They Know It

When the Conservative party elects a new leader, it will be an important decision for the party’s future. Should the membership decide that reality TV star Kevin O’Leary is the best choice to carry the party forward, they will have to contend with the party’s own past. Attack ads against O’Leary have already been written, and they’re quite effective. Problem is, the Conservatives wrote them. (more…)

Dr. Leitch Has a Winning Prescription 

In the parlance of her previous life as a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kellie Leitch is scrubbing up to win the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. This may eventually be to the detriment of the party — and almost certainly to political discourse in this country — but any diagnosis of the race that doesn’t see her as the winner is ignoring some fairly obvious symptoms. (more…)

Up For Debate

You and I are different.  We’re not like everyone else. We may have never met, but I can say we are unique with a great degree of certainty.

Two simple facts tell me so. I wrote this piece, and you are reading it.

Most people don’t seek out yet another debate think piece. Political junkies do that, and we are not like most people. Election debates are for actually for them, not us.

That’s why leaders who skip debates or threaten to for the sake of partisan games are wrong, and ignoring their responsibility to a majority of Canadians.  (more…)