Liberals Opt for Slow Burn on Legal Weed

Across Canada yesterday morning – or possibly closer to noon – pot enthusiasts woke up to find that the government may have decided on a date for the legalization of recreational marijuana use. Next year, celebrations of our country’s birthday may be known instead as Cannabis Day when recreational marijuana use becomes legal on July 1st, 2018. (more…)

O’Leary Can’t Lead The Conservatives, And They Know It

When the Conservative party elects a new leader, it will be an important decision for the party’s future. Should the membership decide that reality TV star Kevin O’Leary is the best choice to carry the party forward, they will have to contend with the party’s own past. Attack ads against O’Leary have already been written, and they’re quite effective. Problem is, the Conservatives wrote them. (more…)

How Canadians Can Resist Trump

The first week of Donald Trump’s presidency was not at all what many expected — it was considerably worse.

Following his election, many found solace in the idea that a serial liar like Trump was unlikely to fulfill the many ugly promises he made. His border wall and Muslim ban were no more likely to happen than if he had promised to deliver lightsabers to each and every American home. Again, many of us were wrong. (more…)