Month: January 2017

How Canadians Can Resist Trump

The first week of Donald Trump’s presidency was not at all what many expected — it was considerably worse.

Following his election, many found solace in the idea that a serial liar like Trump was unlikely to fulfill the many ugly promises he made. His border wall and Muslim ban were no more likely to happen than if he had promised to deliver lightsabers to each and every American home. Again, many of us were wrong. (more…)

Capitulation Day

Comfort is in scare supply to those who value democracy  — or even basic human decency — but what little comfort is available I can take in saying at least I tried. It was December 2015, when I wrote that based on our experience in Toronto, America should be wary that Trump may win.

Instead, today the world will watch as America gives up the audacity of hope for the tyranny of fear. An inauguration is meant to mark a time of new beginnings, and instead I fear we are going to bear witness to the end of America as we know it. Today missing only a white flag, we will watch as America surrenders. (more…)

When Leading Means Leaving

Some decisions in politics are easy. It is not hard to oppose Trump and every vile thing he stands for.

In general though political decisions are not often so clear cut. In 2017 – sooner rather than later – Premier Kathleen Wynne will have such a decision to make about her future, and in fact the future of the province.  (more…)