Month: December 2015

A Picture of Victory

Last week the eyes of the world again turned towards Canada’s new government, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Pictures circled the globe, showing him on hand to personally greet Syrian refugees arriving in Toronto. His critics predictably dismissed this as a feel good photo op. Considering a single heartbreaking picture introduced the refugee crisis to the national conversation to begin with, it is odd his critics are so quick to dismiss the power of an image.

More importantly, criticizing this moment as a photo op ironically misses the big picture. Seeing Mr. Trudeau greet refugees, hug children, and hand out winter coats it would be easy to miss what he was also doing. In the middle of Toronto’s Pearson Airport Justin Trudeau was fighting ISIS in the only way they can truly be defeated.


Taking the Plunge 

It’s Friday, so this is a quick break from politics for a worthy cause.

On New Year’s Day I’m taking an ice cold dip, to help raise some nice warm roofs. I’m raising money for Habitat for Humanity so they can continue to bring affordable housing to more families. 

It’s a busy time of year but hopefully your Christmas list has some room to help give people the gift of a place to call home. 

Before I take the plunge in Lake Ontario, hopefully you can dive in by making a donation, or sharing this post or the link to my fundraising page. Any and all donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. 

You can start the new year with the nice warm feeling of doing good, while I start it with an ice cold swim! 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support! 

Trust Toronto, Trump Can Win

“If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably, that’s the bottom line.”

It may sound like him but that quote is not Donald Trump’s response to gay rights, or U.S drug policy. The invocation of the “bottom line”, the stunning ignorance and less than subtle hatred to an often maligned group bears all the hallmarks of a Trump quote . In fact, the quote is not from an American at all.