Teach Your Children Well

A national newspaper referred to the “Sex-Ed problem”, regarding the ongoing curriculum dispute between the province and some parents. There is no Sex-Ed problem, there is an irresponsible parent problem. These parents are abdicating a responsibility to their children, to others as well, and it needs to stop.

To parents who plan on opting their kids out of the province’s curriculum, or in protest of it have pulled their kids out of class all together. If you want to teach your children, I implore you then to stop teaching them to be selfish.

Yes, selfish. You aren’t teaching them anything about morality, civil rights, or anything so noble. You are teaching them to think of nothing but themselves, because that is what you are doing. It may be a natural parental instinct to think of your child first. That doesn’t mean you can think of them only. There are other children to consider here, namely mine.

Your kid will go to school, to work, and out to the bars with mine one day. Your kid’s ignorance about STDs could be my kid’s HIV. When your kid isn’t taught to accept LGBT people, my kid’s suicide from bullying could be the result. If your kid does not understand consent, my kid may get a harsh lesson in rape.

The law says you as the parent have the right to opt your children out of this program. Unfortunately the law doesn’t provide a safeguard for my child when you do. Denying your children information that could save their life or protect others is unconscionable. However good you believe your intentions, you are teaching them a dangerous lesson. That their safety is not as important to you, as your own selfish desire to control what they know.

“My child, my choice” is a catchy slogan that looks good at protests. It also conveniently ignores that this curriculum is not only about your child. Your decision to rob your children of knowledge puts other children at risk. If the children of others are of no concern to you, know that the ignorance you are wrapping them in puts your children at risk too. People say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I assure you no knowledge could be substantially worse for your child.

I love my child very much, I’m sure you do too. I will teach her she is the only thing that matters to me, but not that she is the only thing that matters at all. That’s selfish, and it is one lesson she won’t learn from me.

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