Month: September 2015

Teach Your Children Well

A national newspaper referred to the “Sex-Ed problem”, regarding the ongoing curriculum dispute between the province and some parents. There is no Sex-Ed problem, there is an irresponsible parent problem. These parents are abdicating a responsibility to their children, to others as well, and it needs to stop.

To¬†parents who plan on opting their kids out of the province’s curriculum, or in protest of it have pulled their kids out of class all together. If you want to teach your children, I implore you then to stop teaching them to be selfish. (more…)

Will To Live

You can just hear the water.

It laps against the makeshift pier beating a slow, near silent rhythm in stark contrast to the rapid and seemingly thunderous beating of your heart. Only the smell of fear sits heavier on the air than the salt. You look at what the smugglers generously call a boat and see it packed with people, themselves teeming with desperation.

Your child looks up at you, eyes wide, their tiny hand gripping yours tighter looking for some sign everything will be okay. You have nothing.

You know the journey you are subjecting your family to could as easily end their lives as save them. You step in to the boat.

Death may lie in wait on the waves, but it has most certainly swept over the land you are leaving behind. So really what choice do you have?