Month: December 2014

Playing Soldiers

At the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa this year there was an impostor. Frank Gervais attended ceremonies in Ottawa in a military uniform, but was later found to be playing a despicable game of dress up. He is facing well deserved charges, but is not the impostor I was referring to.

The impostor was Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the government he leads. They were posing as a military supporters while it’s our veterans who are getting played. That may not carry criminal charges, but pretending to care about Canadian veterans deserves as much scorn as pretending to be one. (more…)

Ford Fin

Rob Ford is no longer the Mayor of Toronto. Not in name, not in law, not in anything but perhaps the delusional recesses of his brother’s mind. A quiet ending is not one many city observers would have predicted as little as six months ago. Many likely saw Ford leaving his office in defeat, if not handcuffs, for the final act of his term. The sudden, somber news of his health concerns brought about a different end to his tenure as Mayor. I continue to wish Ford and his family well, and hope he makes a full recovery.

I hope Toronto recovers as well.