Month: November 2014

No Doug, No Problem

If at first you don’t succeed, try something you’re even less qualified for? Not exactly conventional wisdom, but very little of that applies when talking about the Fords. For example, holding a press conference to announce you’re not running for office. Doug Ford announced earlier he will not seek to replace Tim Hudak, as leader of the Progressive Conservative party of Ontario. Some Liberals may disagree but this incredibly good for everyone. My one month old daughter is more qualified than Doug. At least when she’s full of poop she acknowledges it, loudly. (more…)

Warm to An Idea

I’m going to tell you about something I did yesterday that gave me an idea. It’s a simple one, nothing to change the world, but because it’s simple I hope it’s one you’ll consider.
Yesterday I found a pair of gloves in a coat I haven’t worn since last winter. Like I suspect most men, I consider my pockets adequate replacements for gloves, so since I was walking to a GO train only to walk to my car after I didn’t bother putting them on. I put them back in my pocket until I was about halfway to Union station, and I thought of somewhere better to put them. I put them into the hands of a homeless man.


Lest We Forget

Each November we pause on Remembrance Day to stand silently in tribute to those who have served, those who still do, and those lost. Without words we say thank you, because truly for such sacrifice words will never suffice. Being November, more years than not our tributes play out against a fittingly solemn backdrop of cold grey skies.

The chill in the air reflects a collective shiver in our souls at the thought of so many lives lost. Soldiers young and old stand shoulder to shoulder to remember the fallen, surrounded by those whom they stood for. Among the flags, poppies, and uniforms you will find sadness, respect, and deep gratitude for duty served. You will find people honouring a debt we can not repay, as its cost was too great. What you will not find is glory. There is none, because there is no glory in war.