Dangerous Games

I have called Rob Ford a coward. I have a criticized his politics, his ability to govern, and his morals or lack there of. I have made jokes about his inability to do math or tell the truth. I may have used the phrase “serial liar with ties to gangs & drugs” more times then Ford has said “taxpayers”. I stand by absolutely every word.

My disdain for his mayoralty, his brand of politics, and everything he stands for doesn’t extend far enough to actively wish the man ill where his health is concerned. Ford himself has famously shown a callous lack of concern for the health of AIDS patients, cyclists, and most ironically drug users. This doesn’t give me cause to do the same to him. I hope he makes a full recovery. If we cannot rise above a bar of civility he has set so low I’m honestly not sure what we have left to fight for. He has taken many things from this great city, our collective humanity should not be one of them.

The game of electoral three card monte his clan played Friday is something else entirely. That had very little to do with Rob’s health. Like the street corner huckster offering you a chance to find the queen politics is a game to them, and one they want to rig.

We are expected to believe Rob is too sick to run for Mayor, but not for council. That Doug, who crowed long and loud about leaving Toronto politics and did little to serve his ward, now wants to stay and serve our entire city. That a nephew so committed to running for Ward 2 he wouldn’t talk about it, should serve a school system he himself is barely out of. Like cards on a cardboard box, they are quickly shuffled about as voters try to follow the Ford.

This is typical of an attitude towards governing the brothers Ford have exhibited time and again. They’ve run this city like children playing a game, one they think they’re entitled to win. They have no regard for process, only the outcome. It’s why they often disparage opponents the way they do.

In sports it’s fine to belittle opposing fans just for being part of the other team. It’s fine, because at the end of the day that actually is a game. If the Sens ever start being responsible for housing, transit or children’s services I promise to stop hating on them. In the meantime their turncoat fan base, and fake Stanley Cup banners are fair game.

My bald head is shiny enough as it is. A tinfoil hat is the last accessory I need, so some theories on all this stretch the bounds of belief for me. The idea doctors at Mt. Sinai would be willing to lie for Ford is too ridiculous to bother explaining why. The theory this was diagnosed months ago, and they’ve been waiting for a politically opportune time to use it to get Doug in the game, is only marginally more believable. Elaborate speculation isn’t needed when the truth is sickening enough on it’s own.

The truth is faced with a possible health crisis, Ford and his family have seemingly first and foremost sought to use it for political gain. They are still treating Toronto’s future like a game, and now they may be using Rob’s health as the chips they bet with. For his sake I hope someone decides to fold soon.

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