Running to Lead

I don’t generally re-blog posts, but with David Soknacki leaving Toronto’s mayoral race yesterday I thought I would in this case. This explains why I supported David, and why I think a campaign he has now left, was better for having him in it.

Eh Types

A small number are willing to re-elect Rob Ford. They are going down with his ship as surely as the Titanic’s band. It is encouraging that these people are in the minority, and most recognize Toronto is desperately in need of a new Mayor. However, while people clearly want a new Mayor what Toronto needs most is a new leader.

Being in charge, and being a leader are not the same thing. We would be better off with my dog in charge of this city over Ford but that doesn’t make her fit to lead. For starters, she is incredibly anti-cyclist. Something she has in common with Ford, along with a penchant for public urination

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