Month: September 2014

The Dogs of Ford

The term “dog whistle politics” refers to politicians making a public statement, which also has a deliberate unspoken message for a targeted group of supporters. Like a real dog whistle, what they’re actually saying is something only meant for certain ears. It is a despicable tactic the Ford brothers have employed for quite some time. The Fords’ little lap dogs responded and came when called to last night’s debate. The problem is some of them are getting off the leash.



Dangerous Games

I have called Rob Ford a coward. I have a criticized his politics, his ability to govern, and his morals or lack there of. I have made jokes about his inability to do math or tell the truth. I may have used the phrase “serial liar with ties to gangs & drugs” more times then Ford has said “taxpayers”. I stand by absolutely every word. (more…)