Month: August 2014

Progressively Worse

Toronto seemed gripped in a mix of terror and disbelief yesterday. Rumours Wednesday night were a new poll would show Ford in the lead. Yesterday the poll while having Tory in front, had a significant bump for Ford. Panic ensued as though a raccoon army had arrived carrying signs that read “First Your Green Bins, Then Your Children!”


No Surrender

Anyone who plays chess, as I like to pretend I do, knows there comes a time when surrender is the only strategy left to you. Having matched wits with your opponent and found yours lacking, knowing defeat is inevitable you lay down your King and concede. That happens at the end of the game though, not ten weeks before you play it.

Strategic voting is nothing more than the electoral equivalent of surrender. You are giving up your vote to a campaign you don’t truly support, in hopes of blocking one you dislike even more from victory. Having decided your preferred candidate’s paths to victory have been exhausted you do the honourable thing and fall on your ballot in order to secure victory for what you perceive as the greater good. A noble act of civic sacrifice, except it shouldn’t be your first choice. (more…)

Running to Lead

A small number are willing to re-elect Rob Ford. They are going down with his ship as surely as the Titanic’s band. It is encouraging that these people are in the minority, and most recognize Toronto is desperately in need of a new Mayor. However, while people clearly want a new Mayor what Toronto needs most is a new leader.

Being in charge, and being a leader are not the same thing. We would be better off with my dog in charge of this city over Ford but that doesn’t make her fit to lead. For starters, she is incredibly anti-cyclist. Something she has in common with Ford, along with a penchant for public urination