Why I’m Voting Liberal

An election should be about what sort of society we want. What do we value? What goals, needs, and initiatives will we prioritize over others? Most importantly, what steps will government take to improve people’s lives? As vital as business is, there are areas government can improve lives where business simply can not. It is why government should no more run like a business than business should run like a charity.

Business can’t continue tuition credits for students. It can’t ensure more students realize the opportunities provided by education, pursuing careers or making discoveries in any number of fields which benefit our society.

For example simple math, while not every party’s strong suit, suggests as more students go to school more will also go to medical schools. Every year our health care system faces increased costs and increased numbers of patients. Supporting education means an increased number of doctors, nurses and support workers ready to meet those needs.

Business can’t give seniors tax credits to continue living in their homes. Seniors who benefit their communities through volunteer work. Seniors who help the economy by providing a day care option so their own adult children don’t have to choose between their kids and their jobs. Keeping seniors who are able in their homes also keeps space available in care facilities for seniors who aren’t.

In theory an Ontario Pension Plan could be put together by business but it hasn’t been. In order to help the people of Ontario save for retirement a Liberal government can create one. Helping people save for retirement also helps those still many years away from considering it.  The longer people have to work, the longer people fresh out of university or college will be looking for it.

What business can do of course is create jobs. Until this election it was large and small “C” conservative dogma that business not government created jobs. Then Hudak said he could create a million of them, or 125,000 depending on if you believe math is a matter of opinion or not.

April’s job numbers from Stats Can were not a matter of opinion though. Nationally Canada lost 28,900 jobs, but Ontario under the Liberals gained 17,600 jobs for the month. The most of any province.

Ontario’s already low corporate tax rates are proof Liberals know encouraging more business is better than taking more taxes from existing business. More business, means more jobs and both mean more tax revenue for services which benefit us all.

Would I like to pay less tax? Of course.

Do I want lower taxes if it means lower education standards? No.

Do I want a tax cut if it will take a cut to health care workers to make it happen? I do not.

Do I want to pay less taxes at my job if 100,000 people will pay no taxes because they lost their job? Absolutely not.

I will be voting for the Liberals because we share a belief in government’s role in building a society for all of us. A belief that tuition credits can benefit health care, that helping people retire helps other people work, that when government supports business then business can support us all.

The Liberals see the ways our society is connected instead of focusing on what divides us. If that vision wins tomorrow pandering to people’s anger was defeated by an appeal to society’s better nature.

That is the sort of society I want. That is why I’m voting Liberal.

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