Month: June 2014

Send in the Clown

It was nice while it lasted. The last two months in Toronto’s municipal election featured policy announcements, reasonable debate, and even a few bold ideas. However, these two months have also been notable for what they haven’t featured, or should I say who.

Rob Ford will be returning to work today, asked to comment Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly said it would be “business as usual”. Rob has said he won’t be at work until late afternoon, and will then have a press conference but refuse to answer questions. So in a sense Norm was right. (more…)

Fault Lines

I took a little time off after the election. Conservatives foretold the end of times if Premier Wynne were re-elected and I wanted to be prepared. Thrilled as I was by a majority no one called, well almost no one, I’m disappointed by the lack of hellfire promised to me since. I bought canned goods dammit. (more…)

Why Do We Vote?

In a democracy there are almost as many reasons to vote as their are voters. Some vote out a sense of civic obligation, others vote so they can still feel entitled to complain about the results. For some one issue not only dictates why they vote but how they vote. Others still will vote out of spite, frustration, or fear and so will vote against a candidate or an idea as opposed to voting for the same.  I may disagree with them but even those who decline or spoil their ballot have reasons as well. They have found their choices wanting, and “voted” accordingly. (more…)