See Rob Run

On Wednesday I called out Ford, and others for their hyperbole. Shortly after, all hell literally broke lose upon Toronto in a biblical plague of Fordsanity we could live 1000 years and never see again. See what I did there?

I’m not going to rehash the gory details of the three stories which surfaced Wednesday night. If you are reading this post you already know them. If you don’t please let me know where the rock you’re under is and I will send help.

I will say that as hard as the audio recording of Ford was to listen to there was something almost assuring about it. Rob Ford’s verbal barrage of misogyny, racism, homophobia, and violence left no doubt he is indeed the awful human being we knew he was. His hateful comments held a level of honesty he has never been capable of as Mayor. His actions since have given us even more.

Rob Ford is a coward, and as you would expect a coward to do he’s run away.

As he may be in a drug and alcohol treatment program right now, that may sound harsh. So be it. With only Rob and Doug’s word to go on we have no reason to take it as a fact. Anyone who does has not been paying attention. Let’s assume though Rob is in fact being treated for his addictions this very moment. He is still a coward, and that can’t be treated anymore than his bigotry can.

Assuming he has, Ford came to the decision to seek help just as three incredibly damaging stories were about to hit the press. Ford has made a career out of ignoring media questions, but perhaps even he knew this time was different. His moral depravity such that I suspect he was genuinely afraid he had gone too far this time. So he ran.

On his way out of town he issued a statement. He tried to cover his reprehensible behavior as simply a result of his drinking. Truth be told, his drinking is probably the least offensive transgression in any of the new reports. It takes courage to apologize, particularly for the awful things he has said and done. Which is why I’m in not surprised his statement contained no apologies of any kind.

Not to his family, Karen Stintz, Toronto, or the various communities he’s derided with racist or homophobic insults. It was a written statement so he wouldn’t have to actually say the words, there would be no press to face, and he still couldn’t muster a single “I’m sorry”. He simply ran away.

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to say about all of this. I wanted to express anger at what Toronto has been subjected to, but many others have. Edward Keenan in the Grid wrote a piece that captures it as perfectly as anyone could.

Many of us are angry at the damage Ford has done to Toronto’s reputation and to our services, and so we should be. His antics and incompetence have tormented our great city, and its people. Now Ford’s bully persona has come full circle, and like an after school special we now know what a coward he is. Rather than face what he’s done he ran away. I think a lot of us are angry about that too, I know I am.




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