Month: May 2014

Is Red the New Orange?

The Ontario election has featured a deeply divided, ideologically intrenched split. Two polarized points of view on how our province should run which will determine who runs it. To be clear, I’m only talking about the NDP here. (more…)

Group Homes Are People’s Homes

I could write about how Doug Ford’s comments on a group home showed he was ignorant, selfish, and a shameless liar. I might as well write water is wet. Doug’s comments were despicable and the worst kind of populist fear mongering. In other words, exactly what you would expect to hear from him. I don’t need an entire blog post to write how I feel about Doug’s comments, 140 characters was more than enough.

I’d rather write about the people organizations like the Griffin Centre support. As I’ve written before I volunteer with Community Living Toronto, and have seen firsthand what a valuable service they provide. I’ve seen how inclusion in the community benefits the community every bit as much as it does the people included. Most importantly I have seen that the best way to treat people with an intellectual disability is also the simplest way, as people. (more…)

Death by One Hundred Thousand Cuts

In my last post I criticized Tim Hudak’s campaign over some early gaffes, and called them amateurs. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for that to amateurs everywhere.  Since we’ve seen how they do on a subway, I hope Hudak has an event at one of Ontario’s craft beer producers next. I suspect his team couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery, and I’d like to see if I’m right.