Is It October Yet?

Die hard hockey fans use #IsItOcotberYet on Twitter as a way to help the days of late summer and early fall pass as they await the return of hockey. Leafs fans unfortunately will be able to start using it considerably sooner it seems. The deranged and devoted denizens of Leafs Nation, won’t be the only ones in Toronto marking the time until October this year.

This year those of us anxious to return to a time when news of Toronto’s Mayor didn’t read like a rejected Batman story, have no doubt been counting the days until October 27, 2014. It’s 202 by the way. That is of course election day and the day Toronto will remind Mayor Ford exactly who the office Mayor belongs to. He seems to have forgot.

I was actually at the Leafs game Saturday night as well. I didn’t see Rob there though, and if I had may not have told him everything I would like to either. The only travesty I was aware of at the ACC was happening on the ice, not in the hall outside MLSE’s exclusive Director’s Lounge.

Ford has built his image around being in touch with the common man, anti-elite. So of course he then throws a toddler worthy temper tantrum when he isn’t given his usual spot in a room average fans will never lay eyes on. His over developed sense of entitlement is as natural to him as lying. His accusation that it was because of politics was just as predictable. He believes everyone is as vindictive and petty as he is. He assumed they didn’t let him in as punishment for a vote because that’s what he would do if someone voted against him. According to him he put on this spectacle stone cold sober too, which while I don’t believe it based on pictures of him that night, would arguably be worse.

I think most of Toronto is tired of this side show, I know I am. A grown man, regardless of being Mayor, should be able to go out for a night without a babysitter.  The Mayor in particular should not have to parse his words Monday morning about whether on Saturday night he was drinking or high on drugs. In fact he shouldn’t have to be asked the question at all.

If you like me have a rapidly advancing case of Fordtigue, you should know it will likely continue until the election. If this weekend marks the last time Ford’s behavior has journalists asking him if he was drunk or on drugs, I will eat the keyboard I wrote this on. The only cure will be to ensure he is not re-elected. Volunteer or donate for a candidate, and on election day make sure you get as many people to vote as you can. Take two lawn signs, and call me in the morning.

We could probably give the job of making sure Ford isn’t re-elected to Ford himself and be fine. The question is, do we want to give so important a job to a crack smoking liar who is completely incapable of doing the job he has now?

Of course not, this is up to us so get to work. It may not be October yet, but it’s coming and Ford’s going.




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