Month: April 2014

War on Hyperbole

I have always been an obsessive, or borderline lunatic depending on who you ask, sports fan. I’m competitive by nature so I’m sure that’s part of the appeal to me. There is also a sense of camaraderie inherent to sports I enjoy. A feeling among both teammates and fans we are all in this together. Us against the most dreaded of opponents, them.

I hate the Montreal Canadiens, simply because that’s who they are. I can hate the other side for no other reason but being the other side because it is in the context of a game. A game which has no real bearing on anything important to society as a whole. Politics on the other hand directly affects people’s lives.


Toronto’s Great Worst Day

After a relaxing week in Montreal I’m tempted to write an entire post about the Queen Elizabeth hotel, smoked meat, or the BBQ restaurant my wife and I found while there. I may still, but in the meantime I’ll stick with the usual. Politics may not be as tasty as good BBQ, but it is messier which makes for good material. (more…)

Poll Positions

Those following the election in Toronto had a new poll to digest yesterday. It is a Forum poll, and it is still over 6 months until election day, but beggars can’t be choosers any more than subways can be free. I’m not prepared yet to talk about the Leafs, no one is prepared to talk about the weather, so we might as well talk about the poll. (more…)