Rob Ford, thief


There is an increasingly louder segment in this city looking to reject Rob Ford in this next election. Rightfully so, and you can certainly count me among their numbers. The chaos of his administration, both in the council chambers as well as the international media, must not be allowed to continue. If the various law enforcement agencies involved don’t take care of it for us, though I suspect they will, then those of us who care about Toronto are left charged with the task.

Which frankly is a shame.

It’s a shame because the people of Toronto are capable of so much more. That Ford needs to be thrown out of office is as obvious as the reasons why. There are people who would disagree, but there are people who don’t like the Godfather either. Some live across a border which lies beyond reason’s appeal.
Those of us on the other side of that border understand an election is essentially a chance to discuss what we want. It could be transit, electoral reform, the future of an airport, taxes or even a lack there of. Regardless, a ballot question in most elections evolves and defines the result.
This election is no different. The ballot question, ironically as it was in 2010, is Rob Ford himself. His opponents recognized too late in 2010 that he had very much made himself the issue. So we handed the keys to someone who was as uninterested in running our city, as he was incapable.
He probably wishes it wasn’t so this time around, but Ford remains the question in this election. There is a long list of things he has taken from Toronto. Cuts to services, the tarnishing of our reputation, lowering of the political discourse or even the salary we pay him to instead skip work and consort with criminals.
Now, he has taken our right to have an election about the kind of city we want instead of a Mayor we clearly do not. Let’s all promise to make this the last thing we allow him to take from our city.

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